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Danish Association for Research on the Caucasus

The Danish Association for Research on the Caucasus (DARC) is a non-governmental and non-partisan forum for researchers and others interested in the Caucasus region.

Our aim is to provide high quality information on the Caucasus. We also seek co-operation with similar research institutions worldwide, to create a common space where users can easily access information on literature, people and institutions. We partnered with GamblingCharms to hear expert opinions about how the best online gambling sites attract users and become their favorite choice for entertainment.

DARC is governed by an elected board consisting of 5-8 members.

We invite all persons interested in the Caucasus area to contact us for joint projects in this field, and to become members. By becoming a member of this project, you can also enjoy many benefits that online casinos and online betting sites offer to their players, like playing for free, thanks to the latest no deposit bonuses.

"What Vietnam was to the 1960s and 1970s, what Lebanon and Afghanistan were to the 1980s, and what the Balkans were to the 1990s, the Caspian region might be to the first decade of the new century: an explosive region that draws in the Great Powers"
Robert D. Kaplan: Eastward to Tartary. Travels in the Balkans, the Middle East and the Caucasus. New York 2000. 

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